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Superb Customer Service - Great Prices

Well, I used to use Despatch Bay when they were in their infancy of about 6 months old and due to a change of job I didn't need their services. However, reconnecting with them has been easy - even a tiny bit of credit in my account didn't disappear. But, the website has been re-designed and for "newbies" I found it a bit challenging to navigate the site. Areas were not obvious, and stumbled upon by chance, things were not overly self explanatory and example - a heading called collections actually meant drop offs too, but they are not under there they are on the left of the screen. So little old me was confused. But, my hero was a great young man in the customer services team called Olly! He was great! He was patient, informative, gave me a little site tour. He's arranged refunds, sorted parcel postage and kept me calm and gave me reassurance that any errors will be promptly rectified and to that account, it was true. I am sure that in time when I get to grips with the site and use it again more often, then things will become much easier, and maybe the 4 starts will go to 5. However if most companies had an Olly, then the world would be a much smoother place!

Kerry, K, via TrustPilot

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