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Website & Marketplace Optimisation Tips for the Peak Season

Website & Marketplace Optimisation Tips for the Peak Season

By Liz Coulson, September 16th 2020

To give your business the best chance to be discovered by new people during the peak season and to give visitors the best experience possible, you need to optimise your website and marketplaces. In this post, I give you some key tips which will help you do just this.

Monitor & Update Stock Levels

Letting your customers know how many products are left by updating your website and marketplaces is very important all year round, but especially during peak season.  

Go back into your customers' shoes. If you find a product and add it to your basket, you expect it to be in stock. It's very frustrating if it isn't. It could cause people to leave your store entirely, and that's not going to make them return or recommend you is it?


There are platforms and programmes out there that can automate this for you. If you go down this route, make sure you thoroughly test it; you don't want it to bring a glitch into your website.

There are various ways you can let your visitors know about stock levels. You can add a note saying the item is low in stock. This could create a sense of urgency for the visitor to buy the product too. For those products that are out of stock, you could remove them from your website and marketplace or you could leave them on there (to show your visitors you provide that product) but inform them it's out of stock.

Highlight Your Promotions 

Make your promotion(s) eye catching and stand out on your website and marketplaces. You could create a banner for your homepage, create something for your menu or create a popup. 

If you are offering a discount on a select few products, highlight these. It will give a better browsing experience for your visitors.

Highlighting your promotions on your website and marketplaces will give them better visibility, particularly if your visitors have not been redirected from another channel, like a marketing campaign.

Boost SEO Presence

Research seasonal and product keywords on Google Keyword Planner. You want to appear on search results for both types of searches so you need to know what words and phrases to include in your content.

By understanding which keywords are relevant to your products and business, you can write compelling pieces of content. Update your existing content, like product descriptions and alt text (this describes images) and also, create brand new content like gift guides and blogs.

The relevancy of your content is monitored to evaluate your SEO rankings too. If visitors are interested in your content and take their time to read it, this will go in your favour, other businesses that link to your copy will also help boost your search engine rankings.


You won't appear on search results overnight, boosting your SEO ranking is something that takes time and a lot of tweaking. But, if your page(s) are relevant and useful to your visitors this year, there's every chance you will appear for them organically next year.

Prepare for an Increase of Website Traffic

Test your servers to make sure they can cope with an increase of traffic. If they can't, your website might be slow to load and prevent payments. This will definitely have a negative impact on your visitors' experience and you could lose sales and your brand won't have given the best impression – something you don't want.

Your website developer will be able to make sure that your website is able to perform during this busy time.

Make the most of Upselling Opportunities

By upselling to your customers, you are bringing value to your customers' shopping experience. They don't have to spend hours trawling other websites (and yours) looking for the complementary items they need or they might discover new items, and you're also giving your own orders a value boost.

When setting up your cross-selling messaging, consider these key points:

  • Show your best selling complimentary items for each product
  • Only show a few products so you don't overwhelm your customers
  • Show products your customers will need e.g. batteries

Improve Your Checkout Process

Make your checkout as simple as it can be by eliminating any unnecessary steps. If your checkout process is a long and complicated one, it will put people off completing their purchase. 

For those that have already shopped with you, can you speed up the process further for those by inputting the information you already have, for example billing address. This article will give you more hints and tips to work through.


I hope these tips have helped you create a plan of action to optimise your website and marketplaces in time for the peak season. I hope it's a successful quarter for you, I look forward to seeing your festive products and websites! 

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