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Turn Seasonal Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Turn Seasonal Shoppers into Loyal Customers

By James Barnes, September 5th 2019

The Golden Quarter is a busy time for ecommerce businesses thanks to events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course the run up to Christmas. Websites just like yours see an increase of sessions and in most cases, an increase of orders. 

Some of these orders are placed by seasonal shoppers who might only stop by during this time. This article details how you can turn these seasonal shoppers into year-round customers. 

Is a Seasonal Shopper a Customer? 

It's a well-known fact that acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing customer, 5 times more according to Huify.(1) But, the fact is a seasonal shopper is a customer – they've purchased something from you; make sure you retain them! 

Your Website's Seeing More Visitors, Right? 

From October through to December, we bet that your website sees an increase of website visits compared to any other month in the year – unless you're exclusively selling sunscreen in the UK. Make the most out of those visitors and try to build your email contact list and dish out cookies,* but more on that later. 

*Not those types of cookies. 

Gather Info, Segment It and Repeat 

Grow your email contact list as much as possible during your busiest period, it's the easiest time; trust me, future you will be glad if you do. You'll be helping yourself during the quieter periods as you'll have the chance to turn leads into customers, and customers into loyal shoppers. 

In order to grow your contact list, your website will need forms for people to complete. To encourage people to sign up to your emails, you could offer an incentive, also encouraging them to purchase something from you. 

Build Relationships with Email Marketing 

There are so many types of emails you can send to your contact list: one-off emails or a marketing campaign, but they all need to be relevant and engaging.. Consistently staying in contact with your email subscribers will ensure you're at the forefront of their minds, and you'll gradually build up your relationship with them. 

So what emails can I send? 

  • Incentive emails – add a sense of urgency for them to take action 
  • "You've left something in your basket" 
  • Product releases 
  • Upsell products 
  • Sales promotions 

Check out our four-part email guide for tips and advice about building contact lists and improving your ecommerce emails.

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Another great way to keep people engaged, and remind them of your business is retargeting. Your adverts will be shown to people around the web after they've visited your website.  

Depending on what you'd like to achieve – be it upselling or alerting customers you've got more of their favourite items in stock – you can set up a campaign using your platform of choice (Facebook and Google Display Network are common choices) to target specific sets of people. 

This is where our cookie comment from earlier comes in. Your retargeting platform will give you a piece of code to drop into your website, which will enable you to set a cookie on your website visitors' browser, and that will follow them about – this is how your adverts will be displayed across different websites. 

Create Engaging Content 

Consistently create engaging and useful content: this could be blogs, videos or even podcasts. Having this content will give you a reason to post on social media and also, a reason to email your subscribers, whilst bringing people back to your website. 

Host a Giveaway 

Everybody loves a freebie, and it always grabs peoples' attention so why not host one during your quieter period to benefit your business? The giveaway doesn't have to cost your business a lot, but you could see a big benefit.  

For example, you could enter every customer that places an order into a prize draw, or ask your social media followers to share a certain post – this will increase your brand awareness and hopefully increase your following. 

The prize could simply be 10% off of their next order if they spend a certain amount, or if you have the budget, something grand like one of your products could really draw some attention.

Editoral Note

Remember to do lots of social media and email marketing around your giveaway; increase your brand awareness during the time, and check the rules and regulations if you're hosting the competition on an external platform like social media.

Offer a Loyalty Programme 

69% of consumers say choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty/rewards program points. Whereas, 57.4% of consumers join loyalty programs to save money, 37.5% to receive rewards.

— Invespcro

These stats speak for themselves! As you can see, loyalty programmes offer a great incentive, bringing benefits for customers and businesses. 

With these tactics, we're sure you'll keep hold of those seasonal shoppers from the Golden Quarter – it's all about communication and stopping in their mind during all of the seasons.  

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