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Tips for Selling Successfully on Online Marketplaces

Tips for Selling Successfully on Online Marketplaces

By Liz Coulson, July 9th 2020

It's no secret that marketplaces are great, that's why they're so popular among businesses and people looking to buy products. To help you sell successfully on marketplaces, here are a number of tips to make your listings stand out against the competition. 

Choose the Right Marketplace 

There are many different marketplaces, each with their own audiences. But, just because there are lots of marketplaces doesn't mean you have to be on them all – and you don't want to bite off more than you can chew! 

Choose the best marketplace or a couple of marketplaces for your product and business.  This way you will benefit from the new opportunities they will bring, including getting you in front of a new audience you might not have been exposed to before.

Ensuring your products are complementary to the marketplace isn't the only thing you have to research. It has to be easy for you to manage your listings too.

Automate Marketplace Tasks 

Automate as many tasks as you can, including those on marketplaces. This will help you work more efficiently and have a direct impact on how much time you save – and time is money! 

One of the best ways to automate your tasks is to sign up to an ecommerce platform such as Despatch Bay. Choosing the best platform for your business can be difficult, but here are some factors to take into consideration.  

So, what can Despatch Bay automate for you?

Input Ecommerce Order Details

Despatch Bay integrates with popular marketplaces including eBay and Etsy as well as ecommerce website plugins including WooCommerce, so you don't have to worry about inputting ecommerce order details and worrying about mistakes. 

With this, all of your ecommerce orders and their delivery are managed in one place making managing your ecommerce business effortless.

Boost Seller Rating

Your marketplace seller rating plays a big part in where you are displayed in search results. It's based on certain factors, such as updating your marketplace with despatched notifications and giving your customers parcel tracking information.

The good news is that Despatch Bay does all of this for you! Along with your great product selection and service, your seller rating will be great! 

Managing your marketplace orders and their deliveries can be complex, but by automating tasks, it doesn't have to be.

Continually Optimise Your Marketplace Listings 

Once you have chosen your marketplace(s) take the time to get to understand it: read their guidelines and best practices, research your competitors' listings and research keywords. 

By taking the time to do this, you will be able to write a strong product listing, categorise your products under the right category and know that your photography has met all of the required guidelines.

Marketplace optimisation isn't just a one-off job – you don't want them collecting dust! There will always be new keywords, different categories and better imagery to use. The more you improve your listing and search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, the better your rankings will be, helping people to find your products.


When people are searching in marketplaces, they're searching for products to buy so your keyword research can focus on those that are product driven to include in your listings. You will need to test which keywords are working for you the best, and the placement e.g. title/description/both. 

Product Photography 

Use high quality photos of your products, they will be catching the attention of your potential customers and persuading them to buy your product.

Extend Your Brand 

Your marketplace profile is an extension of your brand so it needs to match your brand's personality, tone of voice and identity. Whether you're building your brand or you have an existing brand, carry this across to the marketplace.

Marketplaces give you the opportunity to build your brand awareness by putting you in front of more people.

Track Success 

Marketplaces open up doors to potential new customers, but it's important to track how successful your business is there. You can track how many views your products are getting and how many products you're selling. This gives you the opportunity to fix anything should there be any issues.

These tips will help you achieve success in the very competitive, but very lucrative world of online marketplaces.