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The Golden Quarter – What? When? Why?

The Golden Quarter – What? When? Why?

By James Barnes, September 24th 2018

What is it?

A lot of high-street and online retail businesses see an increase in sales during the Golden Quarter period. This is because of the numerous discounts offered to their customers on the run up to Christmas.

Having discounts on products, of course, encourages people to increase their spending habits, which in turn increases sales. Due to this, it's believed that a lot of companies make most of their profit for the year during this quarter.

When is it?

The Golden Quarter begins in October and runs until the end of December. Generally, a lot of companies have discounts on their products over this quarter, as increasingly popular events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall into this period, as well as of course, Christmas.


Having a successful Golden Quarter helps companies get ahead of their competition for the following year. Some companies plan all year for the Golden Quarter to ensure they make it as successful as possible.

Now you know what the Golden Quarter's all about, are you going to take part in it? If so, happy planning.

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