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The Best Way to Send a Parcel

The Best Way to Send a Parcel

By Mike Reilly, April 8th 2019

When was the last time you thought: “I want to send a parcel”? Maybe it was a month or two ago, or perhaps it was even yesterday. Whether it is just a one-off parcel or you are sending regularly like an ecommerce pro, the best way to send a parcel is the easy way; that’s where a service like Despatch Bay comes in.

I want to send…

Booking delivery of a parcel brings a few challenges; finding the right service for the item you’re sending, deciding on having it collected or dropping it off, adding insurance for sending valuable items, tracking, the list goes on. Despatch Bay allows you to make sense of all this, and at a great price.

Some products like jewellery and high-value electronics need a specialist courier like DX and other products like clothing, can be shipped with most of our couriers – you just need to decide which one meets your needs the best.

Our Partnered Couriers 

To save you time searching through different couriers services and comparing their prices, Despatch Bay have partnered up with some of the UK's leading couriers – giving you the opportunity to glance at all of the information you require quickly and easily.

Are you sending valuable items? 

If you want that extra peace of mind when sending a valuable item, you can add additional cover onto your parcel. Some couriers already cover you against parcel loss or damage, but if you wanted to increase this cover, you can for a small cost.

Drop Off & Collections

The number of parcels you send will influence which option is right for you, drop-off or courier collection.

If you have less than a few parcels, you may choose to drop them off at 1 of 11,000 Post Offices in the UK. This can be a convenient option and prevents you waiting for a courier collection, allowing you to continue with your day.

Or, if you send lots of parcels and dropping them off at the Post Office isn't convenient, or perhaps there isn't one local to you, a courier collection will be more efficient for you.

Three Reasons to use Despatch Bay

Utilise All Services — Sign No Contracts

Access all shipping services and additional features, without signing a single contract.

Ship Your eBay Parcels in Seconds

Connect your eBay account to Despatch Bay and bring together all of your sold items into one place.

You can also connect several other stores to your Despatch Bay account including Amazon, Magento, Etsy and Shopify and consolidate these orders too!

Choice of Delivery Services

Pick from over 100 shipping services and meet both yours and your customers' expectations.

How Despatch Bay Works

Despatch Bay is simple, quick and intuitive! If you have connected your eBay account or other stores, you simply select the orders you'd like to ship. Despatch Bay automatically populates the fields it can including recipient's address.

Or, if you're just sending the odd parcel, filling in the required fields won't take you long, with our handy address lookup tool and simple service selector.

The service selector allows you to choose the best shipping service for your parcel, delivered by our partnered couriers. You can add any additional cover here too.

Once you are happy, all that is left to do is attach your labels to your parcels and get them on their way. It really is as simple as that.

Now, time to send those parcels with Despatch Bay!

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