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Superior Parcel Support

Superior Parcel Support

By Mike Reilly, October 28th 2019

How many hours do you spend listening to mundane on hold music - you know the drill, non-stop Barry Manilow – punctuated every 30 seconds or so with reminders that your “call is important to us” by a robot?

We have all been there at some point. But this can be made worse when you are acting as a middleman chasing couriers to find out what is going on with something you have sent to a customer. 

What if I told you, Despatch Bay's dedicated support team can do all of this for you? Imagine, all of those hours you'd have back – not to mention, less stressful (and boring) tasks.

Could it be magic?

No, but our support team make resolving issues a dream. Not just for you, but your customers too! You only need to take a glance at the feedback we get on TrustPilot to see what we mean – and we couldn’t be prouder. But how do the team do this?

Courier Communication

There is absolutely no need for you to communicate with couriers, so you will need to get your hold-music fix elsewhere, thanks to our 4-second phone pickup policy. If you have any questions, let us know and we'll speak to them for you, freeing your time up to focus on your business.

Customer Queries 

Like I touched on above, if your customers have any delivery queries, they come to us directly and we will solve them – simple! So put down that phone headset, there's no need to train yourself up to be your own customer service agent.

Claims Team 

Claiming for a lost or damaged parcel can be a complicated process. However our claims team will make life a lot easier. They're on hand to guide you throughout the whole process, and we're on your side as Julian from Thompsons will tell you. 

So if you love doing your thing, and would rather not have to deal with support issues yourself, then sending your parcels with Despatch Bay might just be the best choice you make.

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