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Optimise Your Checkout & Make More Sales

Optimise Your Checkout & Make More Sales

By James Barnes, April 2nd 2019

You've improved your website design, stepped up your marketing game and spent more time focusing on your SEO – awesome job! Your website has never seen so many visitors but, your conversion rate isn't impressive.

Sound familiar? You aren't the only one. Baymard Institute reports that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is above 69% (1).

In this article, we'll give you some optimisation tips for your checkout page; the page that makes you a profit to help boost your conversion rate and make more sales.

Hide and Seek…Charges!?

Whatever hat you've got on, business owner or customer, you don't like things being hidden from you, right? After all, you always find out in the end.

Online buyers are absolutely no different, so don't hide any additional charges and then show them at the checkout page. Whatever the fee is, make sure that the message is clear throughout your website.

This transparency could start to build your website visitor's trust with your brand purely because there are no hidden charges at the checkout page.

Unlike many other online courier services, Despatch Bay doesn't add a fuel surcharge on top of our advertised prices. The price you see is the price you pay.

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K.I.S.S – Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

Make your checkout process as simple as it can be.

Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

If your checkout process is long and complicated, it could prevent people from completing their purchase.

Having data and information about your customers is like gold dust for sales and marketing, but rather than making all of the checkout information fields required, just make the information you need to process the order essential.


A handy tool to have is an address lookup. Not only does this tool prevent address typing errors, it saves your customers time. They're only required to enter their postcode and select the correct address from the available options.


Is it really necessary to force people to create an account with you to buy a product? You should, of course, encourage it, but don't force it if it isn't necessary, allow buyers to checkout as guests. It makes the buying process quicker.

However, if you do require people to sign up, can you quicken up the process? Perhaps by allowing people to sign up using their social media or Google account – they'll be required to fill in fewer information fields then as key information fields will be automatically populated with valid data.


At this stage, you could show your customers their account creation progress using numbered steps or a progress bar. This keeps them informed and will hopefully prevent them from leaving your page.

If you have returning customers that have an existing account, make their checkout easier by allowing them to save their details and provide an express checkout option. The information you could save might include their shipping address, invoice address and payment details.

Payment Methods & Security

Give your customers plenty of payment options and allow them to decide which they want to use. The more options you offer, the better. Some payment options may be more beneficial to your company than others, however your customers will have preferences too.

It is incredibly important to show your customers that your site is secure enough for them to input their payment details. Trust logos and other certificates are widely recognised for this.


Promotional Codes

Keep your customers on your website by having a promotional code in-site. Some customers are bargain hunters and will leave your website in search for a discount code. Who’s to say if they can’t find one they’ll return? so let’s just make sure they never leave instead.

Gift Wrap Options

It’s no surprise that some of your customers will be purchasing products for other people as gifts. With this in mind, you may want to think about offering a gift wrapping service. This may just swing their purchase as it’ll be another thing off of their to-do list. Having this option available to them could prove beneficial to you in busier periods like Christmas.

Real Communication

Sometimes things do go wrong, and some of the time, your customers might want to speak to a real person – no matter how handy chatbots can be, they can't always answer every question.

If you don't want to actively promote your contact details or have a live chat on your website, you could have a contact form on your site. Your customers can then fill this in and then you can get back to them.

Test, Review, Tweak

As with any type of website optimisation, our tips have to be tested, reviewed, tweaked, tested again and repeated in order to increase your conversion rates. This is a task that's never complete. After all, your conversion rate isn't going to be 100% so there’s going to be room for improvement.


Analytics platforms are good to see where you're losing your customers on their journey. If it's a high percentage, this gives you a good starting point to review your process and focus on improving that part of the customer journey.

That's all folks, it's time to optimise your checkout pages and make more sales!

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