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Online Order & Courier Management 101

Online Order & Courier Management 101

By James Barnes, December 19th 2019

Despatch Bay was the first courier management platform to integrate with eBay back in 2009. Since then, we’ve added support for many other marketplaces and courier integrations, providing thousands of online retailers with a single, stress-free place to send their orders in seconds.

So, how can you ship your orders in seconds?

It's easy, sign up to Despatch Bay! By doing so, you will: 

  • Manage all of your UK and international orders, and their delivery from one place. 
  • Save hours of time – Despatch Bay handles your marketplace admin. 
To me, time is limited, time is important; I have to fit a lot into everyday and the fact that Despatch Bay make it easy for me – yeah, it's great.

— Colleen Roberts, West Barn Interiors Owner

Connecting Your Marketplaces 

To benefit from these great features, you need to connect your marketplaces - which takes less than 5 minutes! Running several eBay stores, or have stores on Amazon and Shopify? Whatever your combination, there’s no limit to how many stores you can connect to your Despatch Bay account.

Once connected, Despatch Bay automatically brings your orders into one, convenient place, and it's easy to see how many new orders you have.

Managing Yours Orders


Viewing hundreds of orders might sound overwhelming but to make it easy, you can blitz through them in a logical way thanks to filters.

When managing your orders through Despatch Bay, you have complete control. As you can see below, on the face of every order, there is key information. If you want to change any details or add them, you simply click 'Manage Order'. 


Despatch Bay marks orders that are for the same delivery address as Related and gives you the option to merge them, potentially saving you postage costs.

Just the Service for the Job 

Signing up to Despatch Bay gives you access to over 100 parcel services from top UK couriers.

It's super easy to select orders and send with any of these services. Just tick an order, and select the perfect service. Creature of habit? Set up default parcel delivery preferences in your Service settings – saving you even more time when picking and printing your order labels.

Once you're happy with your chosen orders and parcel services, it's time to print your shipping labels. This can be done one at a time or all at once, and of course label printers are supported too, if you have one.

Side note

If you click into an order to change something, you can also select a delivery service in there too. 

Goods in Transit Cover 

Many of our parcel services include a level of Goods in Transit cover as standard. But, if you're sending something extra special you can easily add extra cover – giving you that extra peace of mind. 

Automatic Parcel Updates 

Marketplace Tracking 

Despatch Bay can update your marketplace orders as 'sent' as soon as you hit Print or once the item gets its first tracking scan. It's entirely up to you, and it can be different for each marketplace. We understand how important this is for your seller rating. 

Customer Updates 

Your customers will also automatically receive their tracking information. Depending on the delivery service you choose, they will also receive email and SMS updates at key delivery points. 

VIP Shipment Tracking 

You can quickly track the progress of your special shipments by pinning them to your dashboard. To follow the progress of one parcel, you simply toggle the 'Follow this shipment’ to 'Yes'. 


You can track all of your parcels in the 'History' section of Despatch Bay. You will see a list of parcels associated with each shipment and you can get further information for each parcel you'd like to track. 

With all these smart features, and more, you can revolutionise the way you send your orders. So shut down all those endless tabs, save yourself some time, and start managing your online stores with Despatch Bay. 

Join thousands of other online retailers and manage your marketplace orders and delivery with Despatch Bay.

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