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Looking for a NetDespatch Alternative?

Looking for a NetDespatch Alternative?

By James Barnes, June 17th 2019

From 30th June 2019, NetDespatch users won't be able to print Royal Mail labels, leaving many people looking for alternative platforms – does this sound familiar?

With time quickly running out, we imagine that juggling your orders, shipping and looking for a new platform could be a stressful time for you. Especially as you need to make sure that the new platform is a great fit for your business.

No need to worry – look no further than Despatch Bay.

Here are a few of our clients' favourite features: 

  • 5 courier services, with all of their labels printed from 1 printer
  • Dedicated support and claims teams
  • Simpler billing and insurance bolt ons

Not to mention being able to view all of your orders in one stream, pre-filled international customs forms and a whole host of other extra-handy features.

Watch our video case studies here.

You don't need to panic about locking yourself down either. That's right; there's no subscription or contract! You can use Despatch Bay as much or as little as you like - only ever pay for parcels you send.

Create your free account today; put it in demo mode, and try out our features safely without sending any real shipments – you'll see why Despatch Bay a great alternative.

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