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Introducing Despatch Bay Express

Introducing Despatch Bay Express

By Mike Reilly, October 8th 2019

This year, we have been busy researching, creating and developing our very own Next Day delivery service, and we're pleased to announce that Despatch Bay Express is now live. 

Andy said: "Given our unique position in the industry, and our pioneering approach through technology, Despatch Bay Express was our obvious next step. We have taken this opportunity to get the courier experience right for our clients, rather than the typical amalgamation of various legacy companies and systems.”

For the first phase of our new service, we're collecting parcels from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire regions, but fear not – we will soon be collecting from your door.

This week, our Managing Director, Andy Bicknell, Commercial Director, Tony Mihail and Product Director, Rick Nunn, all hit the road in two of the Despatch Bay Express vans, collecting parcels to bring back to our very own depot.

“Being one of the van drivers has given me a greater appreciation of how important our drivers and their positive attitudes are. This ground up understanding of the live service has been invaluable as there is only so much a spreadsheet can tell you. Actually going hands on, getting your hands dirty sometimes is so important for understanding the details and challenges ahead.”

Having our own depot, and customers up and down the country allows us to connect the dots – collecting and consolidating parcels to directly inject them into the next day networks. Missing out on regional hubs makes your parcels safer, saves on excess handling, shortens journey time, and saves you money.

Rick Nunn, Product Director, said “Going out in one of our vans was an awesome experience, especially seeing everything working as we planned in person. I have to say though, I’m incredibly proud of our entire team for where we have got to already with the quality of Despatch Bay Express, and I can’t wait to continue on our roadmap – it’s going to be great!”
Talking about his experience, Tony Mihail said “There were many takeaways from the day and some ideas crystalised, which we will be implementing into our commercial operations. Seeing the actual streamlining of the process, and knowing the countless hours the entire team has spent researching, planning and developing made being out there quite a proud moment."

All the team here is super excited about Despatch Bay Express, we hope you are too! 

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