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Improve Your Product Descriptions

Improve Your Product Descriptions

By Liz Coulson, May 13th 2019

In an era when information comes thick and fast, and people are often skipping straight to the 'TL;DR', it's no surprise that less than 16%(1) of people read web pages word by word. So now more than ever it's vital that you make your pages easy for readers to scan, while still being visually appealing. In this article, we'll give you some pointers to improve, arguably, one of the most important pages and descriptions you have, product descriptions.

Where Do I Start?

It's always worth researching other product descriptions that are the same and ones that are similar to yours, keeping a particular eye on your competitors.

Make a note of:

  • The keywords that they're using (they might be using more than one)
  • Where they're appearing in Google and other popular search engines
  • The layout of the product description
  • What you like about each description

Continually research your competitors, you never know when you'll get inspiration and where it'll be from and besides, they should always be in your peripheral vision, so to speak.

What Should I Include?

What do you look for in a product description when you're buying something online? Start with just that! One thing is for sure, though; you need to have the most important information right at the top of your description.

Product Features & Benefits

Your product's features and benefits are an obvious inclusion in the description, but make sure that you're clear about the benefits; leave no doubt in the reader's mind about the benefits of your product. Missing a key point could result in a lost sale!

Other Relevant Information

Include information about shipping and refunds in your product description – this could tempt somebody to buy your product over your competitors if you offer a better deal! You also have a great opportunity to say where and how your product is manufactured; for a lot of people this can be an important factor.


Be specific rather than generic in your content e.g. tell people how many days it's going to take to receive your product rather than "quick shipping".

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Tailored Messaging To Your Customer

Like with all of your messaging, your product description should be tailored to your target demographic. Use the same language as you would on your website and social media.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a biggie for product descriptions; optimise your descriptions with keywords to ensure people are going to find them when looking for products on search engines. Optimising your descriptions can help you outrank your competitors – particularly if they don't spend time doing this.


To find out which keywords you need to optimise for, you can use tools such as Keyword Planner and SEM Rush.

To optimise your product description as much as possible, try and include your keywords in your headline, subheading and description, in a way that sounds natural and not forced. Remember, you need to write for your target audience, not a search engine, it's a fine balance and sometimes a hard balance to meet.

Time For A Break!

Now that you have your content, it's time to go back to the beginning – of this article at least. Less than 16% of people read web pages word by word; this means that most people skim read web pages, so subheadings, bullet points, numbers and white space are a great way to improve legibility and make the content easier to consume.

Creating images or videos to support the content allows you to highlight particular details that you want to showcase, and can draw the eye down the page.

Review and Test

Have a read through your new product description, then have another read through a day or so later – it's likely you'll spot something you didn't before. Having a friend do this too can help you weed out anything you miss, or clarify any areas of confusion.

Like most things in business, your product descriptions will need testing, amending and reviewing to ensure you get the most you can from them. You'll need to test a series of words, phrases, layouts whilst checking your conversion rates and cart abandonment rate.

With the help of our article, we're sure you'll be onto a winner in no time. Let us know how you get on optimising your descriptions.

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