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How to market your Golden Quarter promotions

How to market your Golden Quarter promotions

By Liz Coulson, October 9th 2018

It's important that you advertise the events you're participating in during the Golden Quarter. It'll help you maintain your existing clients' interest and generate new customers, both of which will result in more sales and increase your brand awareness. With the help of our blog, you'll have lots of marketing ideas which will help you achieve just this.

Create Headers

There are a few different marketing channels that use headers including websites, emails and social media. Social media headers are commonly known as cover images. You should create headers for the channels you actively use to promote your company.

Through the use of these images, you can generate people's interest prior to running your promotion by using text similar to "upcoming offers". You could even include a date to try and encourage people to visit your website or social media accounts to see what your promotion is.

When the promotion is taking place you should change the header to inform people that your promotion is now active. If a new customer visits your website or social media platform, they'll be able to see it easily. Loyal customers, where possible, may even share your header images which'll boost your reach to more people – which is always a bonus.

Pro Tip

Don't feel that you have to create additional channels during this busy period. They take a while to build up, so that effort is best spent on ensuring people are seeing your existing content.

Where possible, you should link your headers to an appropriate destination on your store or site, this can usually be done on emails and other websites.


Writing a blog or an article about the promotions you're offering during the Golden Quarter is a great idea. You could treat the blog as a teaser — don't worry, they don't have to be 100's of words.

Having a blog gives you something to link back to. On some platforms, like Facebook, you can write a description for your header image and include a URL linking back to your blog, you can Tweet about it and you could even send an email to your clients telling them to check out your latest post.

Writing social media content about your blog, also ensures that all of your posts aren't 'sell, sell, sell'. By this we mean, all of your posts aren't encouraging people to buy your products. By mixing up your posts, it'll break the repetitive, and often boring, pattern some companies have on social media. Having a blog brings life and personality to a company and customers like seeing this humanising touch.

Social Media

The awesome thing about social media is the potential number of people you can put your brand in front of. It's definitely a channel you should be using frequently, you can post about your company, its promotions, and involvement in national events.

Some social media channels have tools that allow you to schedule your posts. If you want to schedule your posts on Facebook, there is a drop down arrow at the side of ‘Share Now', this gives you a scheduling option (available on desktop browsers) and Twitter uses TweetDeck.

We recommend that you spend some time planning what you're going to post on social media and schedule it in. If you schedule your content for social media during your busy periods, you won't have to think about it. You can focus your efforts on something else that you can't prepare for in advance.

You should consider creating some posts that generate excitement about your promotion prior to it happening. You can also try time-sensitive posts; these will create a sense of urgency which will hopefully encourage people to buy your products. You could always pin these posts to the top of your Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Pro Tip

A pinned post is the first post a person will see if they visit your Facebook or Twitter pages. You will have to manually select it to stay there, but it will not move further down your timeline when you update your pages.

However, it's important that you monitor your social media channels as much as possible, at least during your business hours, so you can answer all questions as soon as possible.

Social Media Adverts

Social media adverts are a great way to get your brand, messages and promotions in front of your target audience very quickly.

Even if you haven't used social media adverts before, they're fairly easy to set up and shouldn't take you too long. You don't have to spend too much money on them to reach your target audience or a lot of people either, so it's an option worth exploring if you haven't already.


Emails are a great way to communicate with your clients and prospective clients, if you have the contact list. With the use of email, you can inform your contacts about your promotion, and redirect them to your website or marketplace with call to actions. From there, they will hopefully purchase a product and generate you more sales.

You can create an email journey for your promotion. This will ensure everybody knows about your promotion and they can take action. We've created an example journey below:

  • Email 1: Generate excitement with a "coming soon" email
  • Email 2: An email with "it's here" in the subject will entice people to open the email to find out "what's here?"
  • Email 3: Send a reminder email to ensure nobody has forgotten about your promotion.
  • Email 4: You can send "last chance" email on the last day of your promotion, again creating a sense of urgency.

Pay Per Click

Another marketing channel you could look into is Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is internet advertising and includes platforms like Google Ads and Bing ads.

However, popular events happening in the Golden Quarter like Black Friday, will impact on the amount of money you spend on your adverts. Within your advert, you will have to set up keywords and it's likely that more companies will have the same keywords as you during these key events which will result in you having to spend more on the adverts.

Review & Amend

Whilst you're running a marketing campaign for your promotion, make sure that you know exactly how your campaign is performing. The key benefit to digital marketing campaigns is that you can stop them running at any point and amend them to make them more successful.

Hopefully, our blog has given you some marketing ideas to have a think about and implement over the Golden Quarter. We're sure that any additional marketing activities you implement will help boost your sales, whatever they are. Happy marketing, and of course, happy shipping.

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