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Ecommerce Social Media Resolutions for 2020

Ecommerce Social Media Resolutions for 2020

By Liz Coulson, October 18th 2019

We are now just a couple of months away from 2020, so with this new decade just around the corner, it's probably time to start thinking about your New Year's Resolutions. This time, rather than promising yourself that you're going to stop drinking coffee (why would you?) and go to the gym more often, why not improve your social media presence?

This article will give you a helping hand – there are just five simple steps to get you started. 2020 is the New Year's Resolution you'll keep! 

Revamp Your Profiles 

If you're feeling super organised, complete this step before the clock strikes 12 and jump into 2020 with a bang with a refreshed profile.

Freshen up your look with new profile pictures, header images and pinned posts. You could promote your latest offers or most popular products to try and boost your sales or simply, showcase your brand's personality to increase engagement.


Whilst you're on your profile, double check that all of your information is correct, in particular your contact information! 

If you have multiple social media profiles, remember that consistency is key. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to publish the same posts – just keep your profiles on brand. Afterall, would you follow a business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if the same content is posted on every profile?

Post Strategically  

To get the most out of social media and to make it easier for you, create a social media content plan. Initially it can seem like a h-u-g-e task, but once it's up and running, you'll be thankful.

With a social media content plan you can be sure to be posting consistently whilst following the 80/20 rule (80% of posts informative, entertaining and useful whilst not being related to your brand and the other 20% selling your products ) and also it's much easier to see what you've got planned in.

We all know that to meet our goals we need to consistently action the given task. (That includes going to the gym regularly throughout the year when you sign up in January guys!) By posting consistently, you will have more chances of appearing in peoples' feeds. This means that your followers won't have the opportunity to forget you, plus you'll have better changes of engagement – well, better than the chances than when you're not posting!


Use your content plan to experiment with the amount of times you should post on each platform to achieve your goals.

All of your posts should have a purpose and add value. When deciding these, it'll make it easier for you to decide which content you're going to post alongside the supporting text, whether this be a blog post, video or image. Rather than just posting content that promotes your products, you need to remember to engage your followers to. This could be behind the scenes posts but this is something you will need to test.

Gather Metrics 

Once you start to actively post on social media, start gathering metrics that will help you analyse your activity to see if it's helping you achieve your business objectives and your social media goals.

Read this article to find out which metrics to gather.

Analysing your page and posts' activity will help you understand what's working and what needs improvement. This will help you continually build on your content plan.

For example, you might find out that your social media following engages more with videos, however your posts promoting your blogs see more link clicks which then go onto more orders from that landing page. Continually reviewing your posts will help you improve your engagement with your audience and meet your business objectives.


Social media platforms have their own tools for you to analyse how posts have performed, but if you use scheduling platforms like Zoho Social, sometimes they will provide you with some useful data too.

Refine Your Adverts

Make sure that your adverts are up to scratch by refining the creative, content and audience. If you already use social media advertising, make sure you're aware of any new ad types and options – there may be some more appropriate choices for you now. 

You can test the results of adverts using A/B testing and gathering relevant metrics as discussed above. 

If you're new to social media advertising, it's worth looking into. There are many different targeting options that are constantly updated and could prove useful for your business. Each platform has a guide for you to read.  

Get Social 

Social media is all about being social! You want people to engage with you so make sure you're engaging with others as much as you can. Share other people's posts when relevant, when people share your posts, say thanks, and of course reply to any questions you receive when you can – this helps build trust. 

By implementing these five steps, your social media presence will see a boost during 2020, and perhaps it might be the first New Years Resolution you'll keep. Good luck, and don't forget to get social with us! 

Improve your order management and delivery processes in 2020, and save yourself lots of time!

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