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Ecommerce Packaging Tips

Ecommerce Packaging Tips

By James Barnes, February 7th 2019

What springs to mind when somebody talks about 'packaging' with you? 'Business exposure' and 'memorable customer journey' might not be the first things; but after you've read this article, they will be, and you'll be improving both strategies in no time.

Hands-on Impressions

The first physical interaction your customer has with your business is their parcel, and what's the first thing they see? The packaging. This is when the customer journey really comes into fruition, after any initial impressions they may have got from your website; they start to get a real, tangible feel for what you offer – the perfect time to start your customer loyalty marketing strategy, starting with the packaging.


Lots of people see your packaging: staff working at the Post Office if you drop off your parcels or the people collecting your parcels, the sorting offices' employees, carriers, your customers and potentially, people around your customers like their colleagues or loved ones. Now, that's brand awareness. 

Review, Analyse, Test

When was the last time you sat down and reviewed your packaging? After you've read this article, make this the first thing you do; whether you reviewed it last month or last year, just double check you've got it covered.

Here are some things to consider:

  • What benefits do you see from your existing packaging?
  • What do you currently spend on your packaging?
  • What can you afford to spend on your packaging?
  • Can you deliver a better experience through your packaging?
  • Could you be more economical with your packaging?

Going forward, make sure to test different types and styles of packaging, analysing your results as much as you can. This won't be a short-term project, but it'll be worth it.

What's in the box?

When opening a parcel, one of the first things people notice, whether it’s subconsciously or consciously, is how much packaging and filling is used.

You need to make sure that you use the right amount. Too much won’t be cost effective for your business and it could also give your customers a bad impression as it looks like you aren't doing your bit to protect the environment – not a good start to the customer journey.

The product itself affects what packaging you can use – you need to think outside of the box so to speak. If your item is smaller and lighter, use an alternative to a standard cardboard box; you could use a presentation box. This could give your item a more premium feel too.

You also need to think what you’re going to pad your parcel out with. Wrapping the item in tissue paper can be a nice additional touch. It encourages that all-important excitement which is important on any customer journey. In terms of filler, why not use crinkled up paper or straw? Something different to the standard packing peanuts or polystyrene balls. Again, a better journey for your customers and better for the environment.  

Branding – make it a memorable experience

Your business's brand is running through your blood. You’re making sure that the colours used are correct, the tone of voice matches your company’s personality, but most of all, you're ensuring consistency. So why not carry your brand and its consistency through to your packaging?

You want to give your customers a sense of excitement and enjoyment when they receive their order, plain packaging won't achieve this, but branded packaging could. Having branded packaging doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. It can be as simple as a sticker of your logo sealing tissue paper together or using branded tape to seal edges together.

Or, you could brand your packaging on a larger scale. If boxes are the best packaging option for your products, they'll have space for your branding on either the outside or the inside, or even both. It's an easy way to stand out against others.

Any type of branded packaging is certainly more memorable than none.

Being memorable for a positive note is great, especially if you stand out against your competitors, and remember, it could come down to you being more environmentally friendly than your competitor.

With the help of this article, we hope that your packaging will be taken to the next level. We’re sure that your product’s amazing, so make your packaging amazing too. Good packaging could positively impact on your business, with a boost to customer loyalty, sales and brand awareness.

Why not double-down on this customer experience-focussed marketing with packaging inserts?

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