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Ecommerce Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Sales

Ecommerce Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Sales

By Liz Coulson, June 29th 2020

Do you need some adaptable marketing ideas to give your ecommerce orders a boost? You've come to the right place! In this post, I talk about a number of different strategies you can implement to grow your orders' value, boost your customer engagement and brand awareness.

Cross-Sell Your Products 

Give your average order value a boost by cross-selling products that are complementary to the item your customer has added to their basket. For example, if somebody has added a print to their basket, show them matching frames. If they add the frame to their basket too, you have sold an additional item and boosted their order value.

By cross-selling, you are bringing value to your customers' shopping experience. They are discovering other products, and you've prevented them endlessly searching your ecommerce website or marketplace for complementary items (and this would've happened if your customer didn't think about the complimentary item). 

If you suggest items that are not complementary, you run the risk of frustrating your website visitors and them leaving without purchasing anything.

A/B test different types of cross-selling messaging at different times in the buying cycle to find out which is most successful for you. The timing is very important; you need to be sure that your customer is about to buy your item. 

When setting up your cross-selling messaging, consider these key points:

  • Show your best selling complimentary items for each product
  • Only show a few products so you don't overwhelm your customers
  • Show products your customers will need e.g. batteries

Encourage User Generated Content 

User generated content can be a very powerful tool for business:

  • Brand awareness is increased 
  • Businesses have unique content to use – backed up by social proof
  • Content is authentic so level of trust is built when the content is viewed

So, how can I encourage user generated content? 

Naturally, some of your customers will post photos of your products on social media. Your product could be pictured in the background of an Instagram post, but you might not know because you haven't been tagged. 

To encourage people to tag you in their posts you could offer an incentive; you will need to decide what is viable for your business whilst maintaining your customers interest. With a prize on offer, more of your customers will become brand ambassadors for your business. An example incentive: For every 500 photos your business is tagged in, a random winner will be selected to receive a 10% discount to use on their next order with a minimum spend.

Through the use of user generated content, you can take advantage of your customers' social media following and boost your brand's visibility on social media. If somebody follows your customer and likes your product (pictured in their post), and your company is tagged, the follower will know exactly where to buy the product from. They might even follow you too.

And of course, if you're tagged in somebody's post, you can share this on your own platforms. This will give you the opportunity to test which types of posts receive the best type of engagement for your business without spending any money, improving your own digital marketing presence. 

Create a Social Media Raffle or Competition

Similarly to the incentive above, you can create a social media raffle or competition. Recently, I've noticed that social media raffles are becoming more and more popular, with some businesses giving away hampers and others giving away one large prize.

The prizes you offer for a social media raffle and competition have to be appealing to your audience and also viable for your company. The prize doesn't mean you have to give something away, it could be a discount off of the next order with a minimum purchase; and with a raffle, you will sell a certain amount of tickets to ensure you make your money back, but you will hopefully reach people that haven't purchased from you before. You could even test both if you are able to do so with some time apart. 

Make the terms and conditions beneficial to you too; you can increase your reach by asking entrants to tag their friends in the comments and share to their own page. But, don't forget to read the social media's T&Cs too.

Reward Customer Loyalty 

Reward your customers with a loyalty programme. I see a lot of businesses searching for new customers by offering great incentives, but existing customers don't always get the same treatment.

You can show your appreciation to your customers in many different ways: you could create an automated email campaign that gives a discount code every few months or you could set up a reward programme where individual customers will be rewarded based on their purchasing history. 

Whichever option you choose, it'll give your customers another incentive to make another purchase with you, whilst feeling appreciated.  

Partner Up! 

If you have a good relationship, partner up with other businesses that have the same target market as you but offer different products to boost each other's brand visibility on social media. 

Both of you will have different followers so you both benefit from reaching the other's following by gaining more followers and increasing your orders, depending on the marketing you ask your followers to do. 

A popular requirement for joint marketing for different businesses is asking people to like and share a particular post and follow both business accounts, and on a certain date a winner is chosen to win a hamper of prizes.

To reach people that don't follow either business's account, you could promote your social media post and split the advertising cost between both businesses.

I hope these ecommerce marketing ideas have inspired you and given you a starting point for your next idea to boost your brand awareness and orders, I look forward to seeing your different takes on them.

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