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Ecommerce Guide to Email Marketing – Part 2

Ecommerce Guide to Email Marketing – Part 2

By Liz Coulson, July 8th 2019

Emails are a great marketing method and one that certainly isn't dying; it drives more conversions than any other channel reports Monetate. (1) Want to get involved? In this four-part series of articles, we'll help you build your contact lists, maximise your email deliverability and consider email campaigns and their triggers. 

In this article, we'll help you understand the importance of email deliverability, and explain the actions you can take to help your emails appear in your subscribers' inboxes. 

What Is Email Deliverability? 

According to Campaign Monitor, it is "what some marketers use to gauge the likelihood of their email campaigns reaching their subscribers’ inboxes related to actual delivery–like ISPs, throttling, bounces, spam issues, and bulking." (2)

Simply put, it's whether your email is being delivered to your subscribers' inbox rather than junk, or not being delivered at all.  

How Can I Improve My Email Deliverability? 

Cleanse Your Contact Lists 

Most email marketing service providers analyse the number of inactive addresses you're emailing; if there are a lot, it could result in your emails being displayed in the spam folder for a number of recipients. This could drastically reduce your open rate, so make sure you do some spring cleaning once in a while. 

Cleansed your contact list? Why not cleanse the way you manage your orders and shipping too?

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Improve Your Data and Segment Your Contacts 

Consistently improving data will help you build a better profile of individuals and allow you to segment your contacts to send segmented campaigns. For example, having a profile of your customer's previous purchases will allow you to send personalised email campaigns to build engaged audiences. 


Email platforms are getting more advanced. Building better profiles can be automated with handy features like Tags in MailChimp.

Email marketing service providers also analyse how recipients interact with your emails and your engagement rate, then decide where your email should be displayed. (3) Making your emails relevant and interesting to your contacts will increase the positive interactions like opens and clicks.

Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.

— Campaign Monitor

Avoid Spam Buzz Words 

Although your content needs to entice the recipient to visit your website, you need to be careful not to use too many spam buzz words. These are the typical 'sales-y' words you'd expect like 'buy now' and 'clearance'. (5)

Other Considerations 

These are only a few of the things you need to consider. There are more including the legal information you need to include on each email like an unsubscribe link, and others are different for each business. 

Now you know how to land your emails in those inboxes, you need to make them look great! Headover to part 3, and we'll give you a helping hand.