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Ecommerce Guide to Email Marketing – Part 1

Ecommerce Guide to Email Marketing – Part 1

By Liz Coulson, July 2nd 2019

Emails are a great marketing method and one that certainly isn't dying; it drives more conversions than any other channel reports Monetate.(1) Want to get involved?  In this four-part series of articles, we'll help you build your contact lists, maximise your email deliverability and consider email campaigns and their triggers.

But don’t worry about those things just yet. We are going to start off with perhaps the most important thing, building out and segmenting your contact list. After all, you can’t send emails without contacts.

How Do I Build My Contacts? 

There is a fine balance when it comes to the amount of information you gather when building your contact lists. Try to gather too much and people will be put off providing their information; too little and you won't be able to personalise your campaigns or segment your data effectively. 

Once you start building your contacts, you'll be building customers. In preparation for this, efficiently manage your orders and shipping with Despatch Bay.

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So, how can I collect this information?

Every method has its pros and cons. You may have an idea which methods will suit your business best; if you're not sure, or would like to use only one method, A/B test the results. 

Pop-Up Forms 

There are various types of pop-up forms you can use depending upon your website. You may be able to use different pop-ups for your different goals – time-based or 'exit intent' pop-up forms are a good starting point to build your contact list.

Good Practices 

  • Establish suitable timing / triggers
  • Don't have them popping up too often 
  • Make them easy to close down; better this than leaving your website 

Embedded Sign-Up Form 

If pop-ups aren't your thing, embedded sign up forms might be. Depending on your skillset and website, you may be able to create your own, or you may choose to use an embedded form provided by your email marketing service.

Good Practices 

  • Include a clear call to action button
  • Eliminate distractions 

Some email services offer pop-up and embedded sign-up forms as part of their service; depending on the platform, they can be customised too. You could consider offering incentives to entice people to sign up to your emails. It's important to note, you will need to establish a non-disruptive way to prompt your customers for their information during their journey around your site. 

Once you start building an audience, the next step is sending your emails; but how are you going to make sure that your emails are delivered to inboxes rather than spam folders? Find out in part two!