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DHL Courier Spotlight

DHL Courier Spotlight

By Mike Reilly, April 7th 2020

Next up in our courier spotlight series is DHL, who we have proudly been working with since 2007. DHL offers a great selection of international delivery services, and with Despatch Bay, provides a great service for ecommerce businesses and one-off shippers. 

No Third Parties 

With a presence across 220 countries and territories internationally, DHL are world-renowned. They handle each and every one of their parcels, from country to country, without the need of third party involvement.

Send Your Heavy Parcels 

Couriers willing to deliver heavy parcels without costing the earth can be hard to come by, making DHL an ideal choice. They deliver parcels weighing up to 70kg, in a cost effective way and they don't charge for collections.

Quick International Shipping 

International shipping is DHL's speciality, and with that comes quick delivery – great for meeting your customers' expectations, and boosting your online seller reputation. 

You can send one-off shipments and your frequent international orders through Despatch Bay, choosing a DHL service. If you're sending to Australia your parcel could get delivered in just 3-4 working days. 

DHL is Even Better with Despatch Bay 

As well as all of these fantastic benefits, you will also get access to ours too – at no extra cost! 

Marketplace Integrations 

Enjoy the time-saving and stress-busting benefits our handy marketplace integrations will bring, starting with managing all of your orders from one place!

Dedicated Support Team 

Our support team is there so you can get back to doing what you do best. They'll solve your customers delivery queries and speak to couriers on your behalf.

100+ Delivery Services to Choose From 

It's always great to have a back up plan, which is why you can use multi-courier shipping services within Despatch Bay. Perfect if your preferred courier happens to go on strike or during the peak season.

We think you will love DHL's services within Despatch Bay. Not only do you get the ability to send your international parcels quickly and cost effectively, but you'll know it's in safe hands throughout its journey, and of course, backed up by Despatch Bay's fantastic features!

Find out how Despatch Bay and our partnered couriers have you covered, from the odd items you sell on Facebook right up to your ecommerce orders sold on eBay and Amazon.

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