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Customer Service Tips for the  Golden Quarter Rush

Customer Service Tips for the Golden Quarter Rush

By James Barnes, September 30th 2019

The Golden Quarter brings with it many opportunities, and some challenges, but as always you want to deliver the best experience. We sat down with some members of our support team to ask them what advice they would give to others to ensure they offer a high standard of customer service throughout the Golden Quarter.

Review Last Year's Trends 

George suggests to prepare as best you can and review your trends from last year – they will help you understand what to expect. You will be able to estimate what you should do this year to ease the pressure from you and your team. You might also see where you can make improvements.

Example Trends: 

  • Find the busiest time for your business – dates and times 
  • Establish common questions 

Depending on the system(s) you use, you could review the number of calls you received to estimate how many you're going to receive this year. Using this, you can also work out your busiest period. 

Time Saving Tweaks 

Once you're aware of last year's trends, it's time to make improvements to make your life easier. For example, stocking more popular items, simplifying your FAQ messaging and signing up to Despatch Bay for our support team to deal with your courier and recipient enquiries. 

Give Despatch Bay a go and we'll show you how much we care!

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Update Product Descriptions 

Gemma says you should consider frequently update your product descriptions any way, but was there anything last year that you were frequently asked? Can you include it in your product description to prevent the same question being asked? 

Simple FAQs 

Kay recommends you make your FAQs easy to find and easy to understand. Link people to your FAQ page in any place that is logical to do so, such as order confirmation emails; this prevents people looking for the page, giving up and contacting you anyway. 

Set Customer Expectations 

Rachael suggests that, wherever you can, you let people know when they can expect a response from you; to be safe, you should include your opening hours on this too. This is when autoresponders are super handy, but you should list this information on your contact pages too. This should prevent people chasing you for a response if you didn't reply, well…yesterday. 

Staff Holidays 

A suggestion from Biddy is to get your team together and discuss annual leave. Make sure they know how many holidays they have to use during the seasonal rush, and when they can use them so they can arrange their plans.  


If you want your team to work during a particularly busy time for your business, you could offer incentives. They don't have to cost you a fortune, being able to work from home, giving home in lieu or buying pizza is always good!

Seasonal Workers 

If you predict that your customer support volume is going to be too high for you to manage, why don't you consider hiring seasonal workers? 

"Training!" we hear you say. 

Our final suggestion from Biddy is: rather than training seasonal workers on every part of your business, train them on a few specific things. This way, each person can forward enquiries onto the relevant person and they will be dealt with efficiently. 

Now you're ready to face the customer support challenges the Golden Quarter brings with it! We have lots of other articles written for the peak shopping season; you can read our marketing tips article here

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