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7 Tips to Master Online Marketplaces

7 Tips to Master Online Marketplaces

By Liz Coulson, September 9th 2016

Ecommerce is booming, and you're wondering how you can stand out in this saturated but profitable industry. Well we have 7 tips for you to gain the upper hand. Ready? Read on.

1. Think Big 

If you’re looking to make the most of your opportunities, it’s essential you branch out to several online marketplaces. It’s great to host a store on your own website using software like Shopify and Magento, but it’s also important to sell from sites like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. A presence on each of these sites creates more exposure which will boost your chances of generating sales.

Don’t be put off by the logistics of managing orders from multiple stores. Despatch Bay connects and seamlessly imports orders from multiple ecommerce platforms into one stream. It can even connect with several accounts from the same marketplace, allowing you to target specific niches.

2. Ship Smarter

You’ve branched out — awesome. But how do you deal with so many incoming orders? Receiving them is fantastic, but fulfillment can be a pain. There is plenty of time and money to be lost packing items, booking individual shipments and ferrying parcels to the courier depot.

With Despatch Bay that isn’t the case. Despatch Bay automatically imports your orders and then you can book several shipments from a single screen and print shipping labels directly from the app. You can also arrange for a courier to collect your parcels straight from your business.

3. Boost Your Seller Rating

This is an important one. As an online seller you’ll need to maximise your seller rating wherever possible. A higher seller rating on sites like eBay and Amazon will push your products further up search results, this can help boost your exposure and potentially generate more sales. 

When you ship a parcel, Despatch Bay will communicate to your marketplace and mark that item as shipped. Automatic SMS and email alerts will also keep your customers in the loop during delivery. These features save you precious time, and help you obtain a great seller rating.

4. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a powerful tool in the ecommerce expert’s armoury. It gives your customers an added confidence boost, nudging them over the line to make a purchase. You can boost your customer’s confidence by offering value-added services like cover, and simple returns.

Despatch Bay makes this easy. When you create a shipment, you can choose to add goods in transit cover to your parcel up to a value of £2,000. When it comes to returns, just a few clicks and Despatch Bay can create a return collection and even email the shipping label to your customer.

5. International Markets

Don’t neglect the international market. Many businesses find international sales daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Selling internationally is a great way to get your products out there and spread your brand message abroad.

Despatch Bay makes international shipping easy. You can manage both international and domestic shipments from the same suite, it’s just a case of choosing your service and printing your labels. Despatch Bay will also notify you of any import/export documentation required as part of your shipment, taking the hard work out of international shipping.

6. Call For Backup

Building and maintaining relationships with your customers is essential and this is done by keeping them happy with exceptional customer service, starting from them finding your marketplace right up to shipping. There are plenty of positives to ecommerce shipping, however, shipping isn’t perfect and occasionally things can go wrong. It’s at this point it’s always best to call for backup. Fear not, the dedicated support team at Despatch Bay’s HQ are here to help.

Whatever you need, you can get in touch via the online ticketing system or by calling the dedicated support line. The team will take the headache out of dealing with couriers, and even liaise with your customers for you.

7. Match Services To Products

Take some time to work out which packaging and shipping services best suit your products – will it be packets, parcels, pallets or a combination of them all? You may also find that you’ll prefer a certain courier to deliver your orders over others. For example, DX Secure services are ideal if you’re shipping jewellery or event tickets whereas, if you’re shipping internationally you may favour DHL as they specialise in this field.

By matching shipping services to your products, you’ll be ready to despatch your items quicker (boosting your seller rating) and it’ll be a smoother process for both you and your customers. This means you’ll be working smarter and not harder too – hopefully increasing your profit margins in the process, win win.

Feeling inspired? Join thousands of other UK businesses who ship their parcels with Despatch Bay.

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