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7 Tips to Boost Your Sales on Marketplaces

7 Tips to Boost Your Sales on Marketplaces

By James Barnes, February 19th 2019

Whether you’re building on the foundations of your entrepreneurship or your business is well established, selling on marketplaces like Etsy is essential; they provide you with opportunities to increase your sales. We've put together 7 tips to help boost your marketplace sales.

1. Familiarise yourself with the rules

We’re glad you’re still reading after that first heading, but as boring as they are, you need to familiarise yourself with the rules of each marketplace you’re advertising on. Unfortunately, as similar as each marketplace’s rules are, there may be some slight differences.

Marketplace algorithms, that control listing orders, are designed to favour listings that follow the rules closely; so ensuring your listings respect the guidelines will definitely give them and advantage, and push them further to the top of the page.

2. Time for title investigation

We all judge products by the title of the listing, and why wouldn’t we? There are 1,000's of products listed on marketplaces, but who has the time searching through them all? Something needs to catch our eye so we investigate the listing a little further.

Your title needs to be descriptive, yet concise; some of the key factors you could include are:

  • What the product is
  • Features of the product e.g. colour, size, gender, condition
  • Brand name

If somebody clicks into your listing for more information, you have their initial interest. From there you can go into much more detail, and entice them into completing a purchase.

3. Take people on a journey

Once you’ve clicked into a marketplace listing, what are you drawn to do? Of course, to look through the product photos. Like the title, you need to diversify your photos so they stand out, whilst maintaining a level of professionalism.

With your listing's photos, you could try and take your prospective customers on a visual journey, but this of course, depends on the product. For example, you could upload photos or a collage of some of the stages it takes you to create your product.

Taking people on a visual journey could make your listing stand out and more memorable, compared to your competitors. This is great for those who are researching products before they're looking to purchase.

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4. Write optimised descriptions

Writing optimised descriptions for your marketplace listings is vital, but it can be complex. You need to consider what information people want and need to know and what search engines like Google and Bing want to see so you appear higher in organic search results.

Where do I begin?

Find the keywords, or terms, your target audience is searching for when they’re looking for your product. 

Use the same keywords and terms in your product listing – this will help to optimise it and help to show your listing when people search for those keywords or term (this can be on Google/Bing/Amazon/eBay etc). 

You should review your conversion rate when you’re optimising your descriptions. 


Google's Keyword Planner is very helpful for this task, and you can use the keywords and terms in the listing title, features, descriptions and the search terms in the back-end too.

If your conversion rate increases for the correct source, the keywords and terms you've used are working as your listings are appearing, and people are buying your product, but you should continue to monitor this. However, if there’s a significant decrease in your conversion rate, you know that the keywords and terms might not be the correct ones.


Optimisation is trial and error and should always be monitored and maintained. It isn’t a quick win unfortunately.

We have also written an article dedicated to improving your product descriptions, you can read it here.

5. Learn from your competitors

Follow your competitors in any way you can – there's always room for improvement and learning from your competitors is a great way to kick things off.

On a regular basis, set aside some time and have a look to see what your competitors are doing, particularly their marketplace and marketing activity so you're in the loop. If you see something they're doing that you like, and you’re not, who’s to stop you from trying? You could see an increase in sales.

6. Increase your reviews 

Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions.(1) 

Reviews influence many people's purchasing decisions – with this stat in mind, it's in your best interest to seek positive feedback.

Asking for feedback can be done in many ways, automated emails, packaging inserts or you could contact your customer asking if there's anything else you can do, building your rapport with them.

7. Showcase your brand

Showcase your brand at every opportunity, it increases your brand's awareness which has secondary impacts.

People buy from brands they recognise and trust, and also from brands they're able to research on other platforms like social media and marketplaces.

The more visible you are, the more credibility you will build – people will see your genuine reviews, recognise your brand and your sales could see a boost from this.

That's it folks, there you have our 7 tips to help you boost your sales using marketplaces, ranging from optimising your descriptions to researching your competitors – let us know how you get on.

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