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6 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Retention

6 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Retention

By Liz Coulson, March 30th 2020

It's cheaper to retain new customers than to attract new ones, but how do you efficiently do this? In this article, we explain 6 strategies that will help you do just this.

Create Plans – Consistency is Key!

Create a well thought out plan and stick to it – consistency is key. This applies to all of your marketing efforts; campaigns, social media, emails – everything. If your customers forget about you, they are not going to come back and shop with you.

Having a plan will help you keep the original interest they had in your products and maintain engagement. But, don't forget to A/B test your results.

Have a CRM Strategy

By implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system and strategy, you'll be able to improve your content marketing efforts which will ultimately boost your customer retention efforts. 

When you set up your CRM system, decide what information your marketing activities need and can use. Some systems will give you suggestions and we're sure you'll have some in mind like birthdays and buying history. 

Having this information readily available will help you make your marketing efforts relevant to your customers and build customer profiles which will improve your targeting. 

Reward Programmes

Incentivise customers to come back and shop with you. 69% of people are influenced by earning loyalty points (1) . There are many programmes out there, you just need to find out which one is right for your ecommerce business. Consider things like the products you can sell and your budget. A good starting point is researching the below programmes: 

  • Tier-Based: As people spend more money, they move up tiers; in return, they recieve better rewards.
  • Points-Based: You choose when your customers earn points, for example for every £1 they spend or every £5, and when they research a certain amount of points they receive a discount. 
  • Free Rewards: When people spend a certain amount, they receive a free gift.

As well as encouraging your customers to shop with you again and increase the value of their order, your programme can help meet other business objectives like increase reviews and boost user-generated content if structured the right way. 

Ecommerce Emails 

Emails are a fantastic method to make use of your CRM system. There are so many emails you can send that can help you engage with your customers and improve your retention levels. 

Timely Discounts and Reminders 

Giving your customers a discount is a sure way to encourage repeat custom. But, you can also send reminders and if done in a timely manner, you could see your sales rocket without compromising on your overall profit. Here are a few examples: 

  • Product Recommendations – Send similar products to the ones previously purchased.
  • VIP Invitations – This could give early access for upcoming sales or a new product line.
  • Repeat Purchase Reminders – If people purchase the same product within a certain time frame, send them a direct link to make it easier for them (this is also a good idea if they stop purchasing the item).
  • We Miss You – With a discount code to encourage customers to come back.
  • Post-Purchase – Thank them for their order and give them a discount for their next purchase.
  • Birthday Discount – Give a discount as a birthday gift. 

Customer Support Helpdesk 

Providing a good level of customer service goes a long way towards repeat custom. Even when dealing with a situation that has gone wrong, if you can leave a good impression they should be happy with the service. 

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.

As well as things going wrong, customer service can be associated with returns, responding to  queries quickly, so it's important to give your customers a reason to come back to buy from you again.

Easy Repeat Purchases 

Your checkout process has to be quick and simple, but it also has to be time-saving for returning customers. If you encourage everybody to create an account, you can save addresses including delivery and billing details and also, payment details. You can use loyalty programmes to encourage account creation by showing them how easy it is to earn points (just by creating an account).

Customer retention is a vital part of your business. We hope we have given you plenty of ideas to think about and go onto implement in the near future.

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