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4 Ways You Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business With Videos

4 Ways You Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business With Videos

By Liz Coulson, September 18th 2019

Videos are extremely popular, and as a result are everywhere: websites, social media, Google searches. On YouTube alone, 3.25 billion hours of video are watched every month (1); and not all of them are cat videos! 

You could see many benefits by incorporating video into your business strategy. In this article, we look into just a few of them, and then we'll go over a few ideas to get you started. But first, before you pick up your camcorder, lets go over the benefits. 

Benefits of Video Marketing 

Builds Trust & Increase Conversion Rate 

You know that it's essential to build trust with your prospective customers, it's what turns them into customers afterall. Videos can help you build this trust, develop your rapport and increase your conversion rate.  


Videos are a more emotive medium than photos, being a lot more engaging than simply reading text-based product descriptions. People will understand your business and products more thoroughly and on a more personal level. Eyeview Digital say that using video on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% (2).  

Boosts SEO Rankings

Video drives a whopping 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

— Small Business Trends

When you upload your video to your website or social media, carry out your usual SEO task list. For example, include your keyword(s) in the video's title and meta description. Search engines will recognise this, and along with making the content relevant and useful, it will boost your SEO ranking. Including closed captions will make your videos more accessible, and could help your SEO too. Small Business Trends also reports that businesses using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than those that don't (3)


There isn't a definitive guide for SEO, and the advice people give frequently changes – and changes again when search engines change their algorithms up again. Stay up to date with these changes as much as you can.

Increases Engagement 

If you use social media, you will have noticed that more videos are appearing on your feed compared to the last couple of years. This is because some channels are prioritising video content above others. 

It's unclear why video content is prioritised, but it's clear that you have a greater chance of reaching your audience with video content than any other. Twitter recently revealed that Tweets with a video attract 10x more engagements than Tweets without video (4)

Video is also making an appearance on other marketing channels. Adding videos to your emails can increase your click through rates up to 300% reports Martech Advisor (5).  

Ecommerce Video Ideas 

There are just three reasons to incorporate videos into your business strategy, and they're pretty good ones, right? So, now to give you some ideas to get you started on your video journey.  

About Us Video 

An "About Us" video can provide you with many great opportunities. It's a chance for you to showcase your brand's personality, whilst explaining what your business is and why you're different to others. If you make your video memorable, your brand will become memorable too. 

When watching, people may start to build a personal connection with your business, and the trust and rapport will start building too – especially if you have other videos they can watch too.  

Product Videos 

68% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

— HubSpot

Wait! Don't wave goodbye to your product descriptions and imagery just yet. Make all of your content work together; give as much information as possible. If all of the content supports each other, the trust will continue to increase. 

Having product videos on your website can help you reduce peoples' hesitation when it comes to buying your products; the videos can be seen as proof. This is particularly helpful when your customers won't come into contact with your products until delivery. 


The more information people have about your product the better – there won't be any surprises, and this could mean less returns for you too, which could then result in more returning customers.

Infact, "90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions." (7) For example, prospective customers might watch your videos to find out what your product really looks like or simply to choose their colour preference. 

There are so many videos you can create, providing all the information a prospective customer might be searching for – videos showcasing your product, product demonstrations and product tutorials to name a few. 

Videos also make it a lot easier for you to show, and perhaps talk about the benefits your product can bring – building excitement and the need for people to buy your product. "Nearly 75% of consumers who watch a product video wind up making a purchase." (8) 

Customer Testimonials 

62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase.

— Think With Google

Getting an insight into how others feel about your products can be a big influence on potential buyers. There are two distinctive ways you can go about this. 

Firstly, you can use customer testimonials. Typically these are done in an interview-like style, where a customer has been asked specific questions about how the product has made an impact for them. An effective customer testimonial should detail the problems they faced before purchasing your product, the more a prospective customer can resonate with your customer the better.

Secondly, there are customer reviews. These can vary in format, but typically a customer produces the video which allows them to speak freely about positives and any negatives, in a balanced way. This sort of transparency can go a long way for buyers.

Video Tutorials 

Video tutorials allow you to really dive deep into what your products are, and how they work. They also give you a great way to showcase particular features and highlight any intricate details that you think really sell your products. Putting in the extra effort will go a long way, and it can save your support team some time going forwards.

Pro Tip

Can you create any videos that are specific for video-specific searches?

Using video to promote your business and products could work wonders for your customer's experience on your website, and also for you, and the stats we've found certainly support that! Let us know which videos you're panning first and which you find the most success from.

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