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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

By Liz Coulson, November 15th 2019

Your website is a vital piece of your ecommerce business. It needs to capture and maintain peoples' attention, provide a clear journey for visitors and entice your customers to keep coming back. In this article, we give you four tips to help you improve this important tool in your business toolbelt.

1. Create a Clear Journey 

From the second a person visits your website to the second they leave, there needs to be a clear journey for them to follow. Visitors don't want to consciously look for an action to get to the next stage; they might choose the easy option instead – leave your site. 

Website journeys are created using a range of steps including, consistent navigations, clear and concise content and also, timely pop up forms to name a few. 

Clear Content

All of your website content, depending on the page, will have a different need; for example gaining interest and creating a need. However, all of your content needs to be clear and digestible.

When people can instantly understand your content, they are less likely to leave your website – bonus! Which gives you an opportunity to guide your visitors through their journey using well thought-out layout, imagery, and of course, content.

Consistent Navigations 

Your navigation should help your visitors find the products they are searching for quickly and easily, and also positively impact on your SEO. 

Because of this, it's important that you clearly divide your navigation into logical categories. Make it clear what is a title, subtitle and so on, and don't forget, make sure each is hyperlinked! 

If your visitors have clicked on a link, they will have an idea of the next step of their journey. Make sure this is fulfilled. For example, if somebody clicks on 'Home Furnishings' and they're taken to a 'Garden Furniture' page they will be confused. This could lead to them leaving your site as you haven't met their expectations. 


Review other websites, particularly your competitors', and take note of what you like and don't like to improve your own navigation. You can also use heat map tools to understand how people navigate your website.

A clear navigation, that is consistent, will help your visitors find it easier to navigate your website, and search engines will find and index any new pages you create, positively impacting on your SEO. 

Timely Pop Up Forms 

There are many different pop-ups that you might be able to use to your advantage depending on the way your website is set up. 

Have an objective in mind before setting up your pop-up form. This way you can decide upon the best format and content; this could be a time-based form offering assistance or an exit intent form giving a discount incentive. Both of which would benefit your business should your website visitor take this step in their journey.  

2. Show Transparency 

Important Information 

Clearly display information your prospective customers want to know, e.g. a sizing guide and delivery times. With important details readily available, your enquiries from prospect customers should decrease, giving you more time, and you're also setting expectations. 


Provide an easy way for people to contact you – it's very reassuring and helps you build a rapport. 

If you have the capability, it's worth looking into live chat. With its instant interaction, 79% of consumers prefer it over other channels.1

3. Social Proof 

"A single business review can lift its conversions by 10%."

Social proof is so powerful! Collate the reviews you receive on your numerous platforms like Facebook and email, and show them off on your website. You'll see how much they have an impact on your business, so go ahead, boost confidence with ratings and reviews. And remember, consistency is key. Don't upload 100 reviews once every few months, upload a few every week.

4. Learn from Data

Google Analytics, Lucky Orange and other similar tools will quickly become your best friends whenever you're improving your website. You'll get stacks of useful information from them like which landing page is getting you results and where people are dropping of their journey which you'll learn and analyse. You'll be making improvements to your website in no time – just don't forget to A/B test

By reading our four tips, you've already begun your journey on improving your ecommerce website. Now it's time for you to create a clear journey, increase transparency and build social proof to increase your sales and help customers find what they are looking for. 

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