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20 Things To Do Before 2020 – Part 4

20 Things To Do Before 2020 – Part 4

By James Barnes, February 1st 2019

Building on Sales & Marketing

14. Build Your Online Presence

Now, this one's a biggie and something that's continually evolving. Having an online presence can have a huge impact on your sales, so you shouldn't stay static. If you do it right, it builds brand awareness, and as a result, sells your products.

Of course, 'online' covers a lot of things; SEO, social media and PPC to name a few. To start with, prioritise which area needs improving most, and if you have the skill-set to do so. If you don't have the skill-set or resource, you could consider hiring an expert.

15. Social Media Review

Are you using social media effectively for your business? Could you build your social presence further by creating an additional account on another platform?

You'll need to research which platform your target audience uses and which is appropriate for your business. If you have an account on all appropriate platforms, you need to review your activity – there will always be room for improvement.

On all of your social media platforms, you need to post fresh and exciting content to keep your followers engaged. You'll hopefully gain additional followers as a result of this too. But, most importantly, don't create a social media platform and forget about it.


There are plenty of digital platforms, both free and paid-for, that you can use to schedule your content on all of your social media accounts. You don't have to do it on a platform per platform basis.

16. Sell on an Additional Channel

Before the year's out, decide if your business can benefit by expanding onto an additional marketplace.

At one time, you may have written a particular channel off, but over time, your situation may have changed and made it a viable solution now. Your target audience may have started using the channel more or the costs may be cheaper now than when you last reviewed.

You could consider selling a subset of your products on one channel as an experiment before diving in fully. 


Remember, not every channel will be a good fit for your business. This will take some research time. 

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17. Research the Competition

As we've said many times now, there's always the opportunity to improve your business. Another great way of doing this is competitor analysis.

By researching your competition, you'll learn a lot of things, including: understanding how their customers (i.e., your potential customers) use them, their strengths and weaknesses, and you'll get an idea of what their marketing strategy is. You will be able to directly compare all of these things to yours.

From all of this information, you'll take away a lot of things that you can use to improve your own business.

18. Expand Your Marketing Efforts

The industry is very competitive, so it's important that you expand your marketing efforts wherever possible.

Marketing is a broad term and covers many things such as brand identity, paid advertising and also, customer relations. Increasing your marketing efforts will have a positive effect on all these areas.

Increasing your marketing efforts will also help you create a more targeted strategy as you will have more data available to you to analyse.

19. Data

Collect as much data as you can, you'll find it all incredibly useful.

There are lots of types of data, some of which will allow you to make improvements to your website, set up marketing campaigns and make some more informed trend predictions.

Having that data to analyse  will give you a competitive edge and your business will see more effective marketing and increased sales.

20. Prepare for Growth

Now, this point isn't for everybody. Some people don't want their businesses to grow any more, but for those of you who do, it's a good idea to standardise your processes.

"Process standardization describes the establishment of a set of rules governing how people in an organization are supposed to complete a given task or sequence of tasks."


Standardising your processes will make it much easier for you to scale your business. Your existing employees will know the processes from top to bottom and bottom to top, and also, it ensures high standards are always maintained – it eliminates other people guessing how to complete tasks. This is essential for growth – you want to start on the best possible footing.

This is just step 1 of preparing for growth, now it's time for you to make it happen with step 2, 3 and 4.

Whether you take on all 20 of these tips or only 2, you'll be on the path to a successful new decade come 2020. So what are you waiting for? Best get cracking!

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